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being part of the
Let It Be family is our privilege


Driven by her passion for creating beautiful and unforgettable events, Lola knows the perfect balance between creativity and business skills. Visualizing entire concepts that have proven to be a match-made in heaven for her clients, her distinct and elegant touch, as well as her organic style, is perfectly complemented by her entrepreneurial strategies. For over nine years, Lola’s concept art and event logistics expertise have exceeded our client’s expectations. Her authentic and vibrant methods have not only proven that she can connect with audiences on an aesthetic level, but also on a deeply emotional one.


Daniela is always one step ahead of everything. Under the supervision of Lola, she brings our team’s creative ideas to life. She’s sensitive and skillful when it comes to designing furniture, supervising the construction, and choosing the right equipment. With flawless execution and joyful leadership, she uses color and textures to create rich and atmospheric compositions. For Daniela, the only thing more satisfying than watching everything come together on your wedding day is exceeding your expectations.


Glenda is the passionate overseer of our management operations. Not only does she love dealing with costumers and pitching the best ideas, but she’s also fun, flexible, and always excited to start a new project. She aims to put a smile on your face through the entire process. Whether it’s answering your late night calls or conceptualizing your entire vision, her involvement is key when it comes to turning your events into unique and wonderful experiences.

Our group of experienced and hard-working professionals understands that your vision and ideas are the core ingredients to create an astonishing experience. Whether it’s mastering the art of logistics, executing with great taste, or simply establishing a personalized relationship with our clients, our team has the right amount of discipline and heart to be the ideal choice when it comes to planning every event you can possibly imagine.

"How the Dream Began"

our company

Our story is the reflection of the magic that comes when you work with passion, dedication, and leadership. The key to our success lies in our flawless execution: making our client’s events come to life in a way that’s uniquely personalized, highly organized, and aesthetically pleasing.

LET IT BE was born out of a very personal need to create an event planning company that was high-quality but deeply approachable: the living, breathing manifestation of our client’s dreams. How did we do it? We started thirteen years ago with our sibling company, FLORENTA FLOWER DESIGN, which specializes in creating custom-made flower arrangements. After the success of that company, we felt the need to expand by mastering the art of event planning. 

Since the beginning, we thrived by working side-by-side with our team, making sure every single idea, concept, and design was treated with the utmost respect and creativity to fulfill and surpass our client’s wants and needs.  For the last nine years, we’ve taken great pride in calling our team a family. Each and every single one of them has an extraordinary talent and years worth of experience in several industries. 

Throughout the years, we’ve consolidated ourselves as one of the premiere companies in rental and production event services in Los Cabos. The secret to our success? Creating the perfect blend of great design, top-notch planning and furnishing, and strategic collaborations.

It is our main goal to plan the best events in the market. By transcending our client’s expectations with a lasting and positive impression, we work to make their dreams come true.


To become one of the most reliable event companies in the market and create high quality experiences that have a long-lasting impact in our clients. 


We are passionate about transforming ideas into compelling experiences that meet and exceed your satisfaction. 


Our core values are the foundation that define every single step of our process. With honesty, responsibility, commitment, maturity, and empathy, it is in our best interest that our clients feel safe in our hands.