"Where the magic happens"


In Let it Be Atelier, we turn every single one of our events into an exquisite wonder. Our family of professional team-players help differentiate us from our competitors. The best producers, designers, industrials, and carpenters in the business collaborate with us to create the most stunning results. Not only does this give us the confidence to design and execute great productions, but also the power to create unique pieces that are the key ingredients to making your dreams come true. 

let it be events


Let it Be Furniture Rentals is an extension of our family where we supply furniture, textiles, and other special needs for your events. Our collection is home to the most avant-garde and personalized design pieces made in Atelier. With a stylish and tasteful approach, we strive to create unparalleled atmospheres for each event. Every single one of our acquisitions is constantly renovated and has been specifically curated with great taste and functionality.


Let it Be Productions is another exquisite extension of our house. We’re deeply proud to anchor your vision with our professionalism in an event that’s custom-made for you. We make sure that every single detail matters, and we create an event flow that runs as smoothly as butter to deliver results and exceed your highest expectations. This where every single piece that was previously selected comes to life, and honestly, nothing makes our heart beat faster than this. 


We turn your design ideas into high style concepts, bringing them to life with joy, authenticity, and endless creativity. Our magic lies in collaboration, and our team will strengthen your brand by finding the right look and feel for your event. Whether it’s a Christmas dinner, a corporate affair, a birthday party, or a wedding, our family is the best choice to transform your dreams into a reality. 


We’ve been making magic in our House of Flowers for over six years. Let it Bloom is the creative extension that Let it Be needed to be complete, and it’s solely concentrated in creating flower designs. “Our creations are unique, personalized, and highly sophisticated.”